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Our Products

  • banana

    Banana Flour

    A nutritious and easily digestible powder made from specially selected bananas that have been dried and ground.

  • banana

    Banana Meal

    Banana meal derived from the green cavendish bananas. This product is an additive to livestock feeds.

  • banana

    Banana Powder

    Banana powder is made of 100% natural fresh bananas without preservatives, nor additives, colors or flavors. It is used as binder in animal feeds and additive in glue manufacturing.

  • banana

    Coco Shell Powder

    It is made from matured coconut shell. The shell is first to cleaned and broken down into small pieces then subjected to repeated grinding in grinding mills.

  • banana

    Coffee Pulp Powder

    Coffee pulp powder is prepared and conserved then dried into sun. And ground before making it an additive to mosquito coils.

  • banana

    Fresh Cavendish Banana

    The Cavendish is the name for the banana cultivar used most commonly in the world banana trade.

  • Pag-asa Organic Fertilizer

    PAG-ASA is a product of new technology to restore and retain the richness o f the soil. It is 100% manure mixed with natural microbes, thus a better quality fertilizer.

  • banana

    Rice Hull Powder

    It is a ground rice hulls wich is an additive also to industrial glue.


Bex Philippines Incorporated is a family owned corporation registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission. It was established in 1998 in Manila. It first operated as an importer and trader of various wood products. While trading in wood products, the company also experimented with the trade of various agricultural commodities. This venture proved to be successful and the company took interest in the emerging market for banana by-products for feeds and industrial usage. Read More..